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Rent eco-friendly virus-free moving boxes that save you time and money.


Moving boxes? Green Moving Supplies? We have you covered with our steam cleaned reusable moving boxes and we also quarantine our moving boxes for a minimum of 7-days between use so they are virus-free. Meticulously developed for maximum convenience, our durable, water-resistant moving boxes are delivered to your door and picked up when you're done. You can pack, stack, and move without the hassle.

Moving House


Let us help ease the pain with our virus-free moving boxes. Select one of our moving bundles from studio apartments and dorms to 5+ bedrooms.

New Office


Looking to move your business? Whether you're a hot startup or an established company, we've got you covered with our virus-free moving boxes.

We deliver anywhere within the Seattle, Washington area. See if your zip qualifies...

How it works

We take the hassle out of planning your next move by delivering reusable moving boxes straight to your door. It’s simple.

Our Story

We started HiveBoxx to make the move to your new home cost-effective and stress-free, while raising awareness of the fight to save the bee.

Moving House

Move with Ease

We've compiled a little list of helpful hints and hacks to make your next move way smoother.

Save time and money

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Compare our pricing with standard cardboard box suppliers and see how we can save you dollars.