keep up with the times baby


Today's world is evolving fast. Some of our favorite brands, like Airbnb and Uber, provide cost-efficient services that make use of existing infrastructure. We find innovation like this inspiring. Here at HiveBoxx we improve the process of moving your home or office, making it easier and ultimately more cost-effective.


Average cost for 1 week rental between 1,000-1,200 sqft.
Based on our 3 Bedroom Moving Bundle.

Save Cash & Cardboard

The world of moving hasn’t changed much in 50 years. We still buy cardboard boxes to move our goods and then throw them away once we’re done. This not only sucks for Mother Nature but also your back pocket. Plus, no packing tape is required, and the boxes are made from recycled plastic. Rent our tree-free moving boxes and achieve a zero-waste move today!


  • Sanitized and Steam cleaned between use
  • Durable & stackable design that won’t collapse
  • No heavy lifting. let our dolly’s do the work
  • Save time with home delivery and collection
  • Saved from landfill & sanitized ready for reuse
  • Reduce your labor costs
  • Save money and help the bees and stop unnecessary deforestation


  • Won’t keep your goods 100% safe or dry
  • No handles or support = hard to carry
  • Short lifespan and bad for the environment
  • Added cost of packing tape and labor
  • Needs assembling
  • Super expensive for something you can’t reuse
  • Hassle to dispose of after your move
1 Week Extra Week
Studio $119.00 $20.00
1 Bedroom $149.00 $30.00
2 Bedroom $199.00 $40.00
3 Bedroom $249.00 $55.00
4 Bedroom $299.00 $75.00
5+ Bedroom $349.00 $100.00
2 Weeks Extra Week
Startup (20 or so people) $300.00 $60.00
Small Company (30 People) $600.00 $120.00
Medium Company (40 People) $800.00 $160.00
Large Company (80 People) $1,500.00 $300.00