How It works

Rent reusable eco-boxes that make moving easy.

Save time in 4 easy steps

We started HiveBoxx to make the move to your new home cost-effective and stress-free, while raising awareness of the fight to save the bee.

You Order

Save time by renting your HiveBoxx moving containers on our website.


We’ll deliver your boxes straight to your front door ready for you to start packing.

You Move

Our plastic boxes are tough, water-resistant and close securely.

We Collect

Once you’ve moved, we’ll come and collect our boxes, that's it, easy peasy!

Save Cash on Cardboard

Moving can be expensive and using cardboard boxes is a big reason why. They collapse, get wet, need assembling and you’ll most likely use them only once. Our plastic boxes are reused instead of being remade, meaning we can pass those savings onto you.

Save Mother Nature

HiveBoxxes are made using recycled HDPE plastics and sanitized after every use. Reusing plastic boxes saves cardboard from going into landfill and reduces your carbon footprint in the process.